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We are Würth MODYF, a subsidiary of the Würth Group. Specialized manufacturer and supplier of workwear and safety shoes. One of the largest players in the current market with 13 branches in Europe, 475 employees, 1000 products in our international range and a turnover of almost 200 million Euros. Our headoffice in Germany located in Gaisbach, Künzelsau. Are you looking for a specialized partner to boost your image? A partner who can equip your employees with professional and personalized workwear and work shoes? Please contact us here.

Würth MODYF Workwear
Implementing Würth MODYF in Europe

2022 Turnover
192 million

13 locations in Europe
Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia

  • Germany
  • Italy
  • France
  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Norway
  • Austria
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Slovakia

475 employees give their all every day.

160.000 customers (B2B/B2C) trust us

1 million pairs of shoes and 4.4 million workwear are produced every year

13.000 parcels are sent to our customers every day


Within Würth MODYF, the mission of the Key Accounts team is to help you develop your image strategy, taking into account the professional wishes and requirements of your employees and all applicable PPE standards.

We are present at every stage of this process: analyzing your specifications, choosing materials, making an inventory of printing options, technical advice, taking measurements, etc.
Would you like to talk to us to see what the possibilities are for your company in the field of professional workwear and work shoes, click here.

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Working method

Step 1: Analysis of needs/risks

Our salespeople are there to listen to you, they arrange appointments on a regular basis to meet you and analyze the business wishes, needs and any limitations of your professional activities.

Step 2: Creation

Our team works on the creation of specific designs. We make proposals in accordance with the trends and the needs of the wearer. The design can be created according to your graphic proposal or we can create a proposal by making color adjustments to a product from our catalogue program. Your logo can also be customized for the personalization of your clothing. In this way we create your own MODYF Masterpiece together with you.

Würth MODYF workwear
Würth MODYF work pants

Step 3: Design and product development

Wear tests can be carried out to make the final adjustments.

We provide insights in your stock needs and meet your wishes. In addition, we ensure clear traceability of our orders.

Step 4: Planning and production

As soon as your choice has been made, we will provide a clear planning and production will start.

Step 5: Partnership contract

We arrange a partnership agreement with our key accounts to ensure that you:

  • Have a dedicated commercial contact person who knows your wishes and needs and will continue to optimize them.
  • Have a sales team to draft and implement contracts and agreements.
  • Build a long-term relationship with us based on trust.
  • We make our means of communication available to you such as catalogues or a personalized interface on our online shop.


Würth MODYF workwear, safety clothing and safety shoes are designed for professionals working in all kinds of segments and industries. Wheter you work in construction, transport or maintenance, with our workwear and work shoes you can always work optionally, stylishly and protected.

This offer can be designed from our extensive standard collection or from the Corporate Identity idea. Some examples can be found below. Of course, a combination of both is always possible!

Some examples of our additional services for your Corporate Identity:

Customized logo service, different techniques can be used. Whatever material or model you choose, it can be personalized with your company´s colors and logo.

Our key account Manager will help you take the measurement of your employees so that you can provide the clothing adapted to the size of the wearer.

Develope an unique garment or shoe that meets your requirements and wishes? Your own Masterpiece? Our product development department will get the work for you.

Würth MODYF work shorts High Visibility clothing Faziarte

Ethical trade and responsibility

At Würth MODYF, we are part of an industry that undoubtedly faces challenges that effect both people´s living conditioins and the environment. This is something we are very conscious of. Every choice made will have a consequence, so we try, step by step, to make thoughtful decisions that make us more sustainable over time.

There is no "quick fix" for this type of challange, but a continuous development. We, who work with workwear, are also part of the industry that must meet certain requirements, qualities and norms that are needed to protect the wearer.

By keeping us updated on the scroll. New technology in the production of textilies and clothing, in addion to maintaining high quality products that will have a long service life, we hope to be a positive and sustainable player in a market undergoing major change.

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